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TSW-120 v.2 Active Subwoofer

TSW series subwoofers are single driver, bassreflex construction with high-current built-in amplifiers. TSW   subs can deliver the most powerful, deep bass with staggering definition, location and dynamics never met at this price level before. Our subwoofers are the absolute best buy in subwoofers!

High-power and high-current amplifiers deliver astonishingly deep, thundering bass with very low distortion and perfect definition.
Our advanced subwoofer drivers ensure superior flat power response and ultra-low distortion at any volume levels.
TSW subwoofers are ideal complement to your sound system and their high power and staggering dynamics bass can be only compared with far more expensive subwoofers from other competitors.


The v.2 version utilizes a much stronger and a little lighter woofer cone - it can move quicker and more frequently generating higher bass pressure and better dynamics. 



  • Auto On-Off function with the "ON-AUTO" manual mode switch (v.2 only)
  • Subwoofer Level
  • Subwoofer Cut-Off Frequency (35Hz - 150Hz variable)
  • Phase Switch (0° / 180°)

Inputs / Outputs:

  • Line-level Input
  • Sub Input
  • High-level Input



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Swedish biggest Home-Theatre magazine award

"Affordable - Worth its price"



Design: Bassreflex, TLIE Enclosure 
Bass Driver: 255mm (10") Glossy Paper Cone
Frequency Response: 28Hz-150Hz
Amplifier Power: 120W RMS / 350W Dynamic Peak
Dimensions (H x W x D): 40 x 33 x 40.5 cm (incl. feet)
Weight (net):  16.4 kg pc.

Vinyl colors






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