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  • The v.4 version utilizes a totally redesigned amplifier and power boards with higher grade components (capacitors etc.) as well as a heavily modified woofer.

    Absolutely the best buy!

  • "Taga Harmony B-40 v.3 is such an audio "hot hatch" - a small, agile and compact sportsman with character."

  • "The amplifier sounded at a very high level (please do not be implied by its moderate price), because it has a beautifully athletic sound with great spaciousness, with exemplary saturation and perfectly singing midrange. This sound is awesome and full-blooded - with a slight taste of the warmth and smoothness of electron tubes...
    I recommend the TTA-1000 with full conviction.."
    "Stereo i Kolorowo" about the TTA-1000


    DA-300 v.3 DAC converter in a rave review by “Hi-Fi Choice”

    "...diverse style of playing,  in jazz and classical music it was able to show many relationships between these specific genres  - jazz turned out to be sonorous, mainly due to the shimmering accent while hitting the drum cymbals or also impressive, almost virtuosic, sound of a lead guitarist Lee Ritenour..."


    The TSK-01 is now available in 2 colors BLACK and SILVER.

    if you are looking to:

    - provide extra stability for the speaker/stand

    - lower unwanted mechanical vibrations

    - better isolate the speaker from the floor

    The TSK-01 is a number one choice!

    2 x 30W RMS active speaker paired with a passive one is a perfect solution for residential as well as commercial installations in restaurants, pubs, shops, conferencing rooms, fitness clubs, teaching rooms.

    Unique features like wireless Bluetooth® streaming, remote control, front and rear IR receivers, RS-232 port, programmable Auto Standby and Bass / Treble regulations help to integrate the RB-1650BT into any audio-visual installation. 

  • DIAMOND B-60 v.2

    We implemented our newest concept
    “Born in Europe – Crafted for the World”
    to upgrade almost every single aspect of B-60's sound performance.

    The outcome is amazing and results in even deeper, perfectly controlled and defined bass, more smooth and rich midrange and appealing, detailed and crystal clear highs as well as very open and airy soundstage.


    "AUDIO" magazine about our amplifier:


    " the HTA-800 sound is saturated with colors of tube amplification which combined with a quite high power gives a truly unique result; only expensive vacuum tube amplifiers sound in a similar way..."

  • BEST BUY  Platinum F-120 v.3

    "...spatiality of sound reaches a level which is unprecedented among speakers in a medium and even higher price range...

    Coherent and natural sound without excessive colorizations. The medium tones - open and with an over-average clarity plus the detailed and non-intrusive high frequencies.
    The extended bass with a strong impact but not losing the necessary information for the proper sound reproduction of live instruments.”
    "HI-FI CHOICE" magazine


    List of "Best of the best" according to the T3 magazine (Indian edition).
    Platinum F-100 SE v.2 speakers acclaimed!!

    "From wireless convenience to audiophile heaven, this is the gear you need to make the most of your favourite music"


    "...Platinum F-100 v.3 take the listener on an edgy journey like a sports car. It is fast, stiff, very dynamic, with emotions. Do not look for softness, warmth or timbre sophistication in them, but instead you will find a lot of rhythm and good fun....

    They are excellently made and well priced.
    Worth listening." WSTEREO.PL

  • HTA-800 AWARDED!


    HTA-800 hybrid amplifier awarded by German “HiFi Test”

    “The Taga hybrid amplifier masters the floorstanding loudspeakers with flying colors and delivers clear and rich performance.
    Thanks to a good control of the bass and silky mids the HTA-800 plays on a remarkably high level and lets acoustic instruments tune in and sound with realistic timbre.
    … looks great and for around 650 Euros is a real recommendation!


    “A spectacular and elegant floorstanding speaker, exemplarily carefully designed and made - bravo.


    Entertaining and outstanding. The earthquake and fireworks. The springy bass and sparkling high frequencies will make any recording more attractive. Generations dreamt about such a sound in the pre-audiophile times and many is seeking it today.” Audio magazine


    The proper termination of audio cables is crucial to the quality of the transmitted signal.

    We made a decision to offer premium quality banana plugs which are used in the high-end Platinum speaker cables as a standalone product.


    "Taga Harmony TTA-500 presents such a complete and most of all consistent sound that I can admit with a clear conscience it is one of the best tube constructions I have ever had a chance to meet with in this price level.


    HTA-1200 hybrid amplifier awarded a "SHOCK" reward by "Classica" a prestigious French magazine.

    "The musical message in a three dimensional space is characterized by great stability and remains constantly readable regardless of the size and volume of the sound. The voices ring with thrilling realism and get out of the narrow speakers frame. Revelation


    HTA-1200 hybrid amplifier in a great review by „DIAPASON” one of the best French magazines which deals with music and audio.

    "The sound and musical consistency of this model remains indisputable."


    "At the same time you meet musicality, which also requires that you be seated, listen to and enjoy the music. And especially with the old media you get rewarded when you hear their music...
    And for the bridge building between new and old, it gets my warmest recommendations along the way."


    TTP-300 phono amplifier: a very good review by AudioMuzoFans

    If we were to evaluate it only in terms of the price in relation to the quality of design and sound, without hesitation it would have received the maximum number of stars."


    TTA-500 is CLEARLY RECOMMENDED in excellent company of high-end tube amps!
    [German LP magazine]

    Mr. Holger Barske (Editor in chief)

    "... each of the four tested devices (prices between 1700.- - 12.000 Euro) has its own character, but each provided a lot of fun in their own way what I have not seen for a long time. That also applies to the most affordable TAGA amplifier (about 1700.- Euro)!”


    Recommendation and 5 stars for our hybrid amplifier HTA-800!

    "Solidly built, based on decent components, including an efficient toroidal transformer and quite large capacitors for power storage.
    The sound full of vigor with impeccable dynamics on a micro scale. Controlled and defined bass. The malleable and musical sound with a delicate hint of warmth and sweetness.

  • TAGA Harmony among the best loudspeakers in Germany in 2018!

    Great news from Germany!

    Not one but TWO of our speaker reviews are published in the yearbook of best hifi loudspeakers for 2018 !!!

    Diamond B-60 and Platinum B-40 SE v.2

  • PLATINUM v.3
    Born in Europe - Crafted for the World

    We were dedicated to create extraordinary speakers in terms of sound performance while maintaining highly-acclaimed shapes and looks of the series.

    We do believe that the Platinum v.3 speakers are the best sounding loudspeakers in their price level and far beyond.

    “Born in Europe – Crafted for the World” is a very serious commitment and we treat it that way.
    See and hear it for yourself!

  • DA-300 v.3 DAC selected as a part of AudioMuzoFans' test room equipment!

    "Taga has provided so many nice moments with music...
    If we had to guess the price range of this device in a blind test? What a hard nut we would have to crack ...
    ...a small volcano of energy. Looking at it, it's hard to imagine that something so small can reproduce music on such a scale...
    The device stays with us at the AMF editorial office."

  • HTA-800 hybrid amplifier reviewed!

    "Difficult to beat at its price or even higher...
    ...a multifunctional budget hybrid amplifier (tube-transistor), which in its class has a sensational, because substantial, organic and musical, sound with good spatiality and exemplary saturation...
    I predict it will gain high popularity especially among beginners in the high-fidelity world, but not only... another very successful company's product. At this price it is a torpedo - bravo!

  • A small, low priced amplifier that covers above and beyond the needs of somebody who wants to start in the HiFi...

    When someone wants to get into the Hifi club and their pocket disagrees with that, then the ΗΤΑ-25Β is a great way.

    hxos+soundvision about HTA-25B hybrid amp

  • New catalogues for 2018 have arrived!


    Feel free to visit our Download Center to check the latest products from the Home Audio and Custom Install categories, including the all-new Platinum v.3 series!

  • Hybrid amplifier HTA-800 awarded in France!

    » Value for money

    » "Seductive sound” signature
    » Beautiful dynamics
    » Plenty of sweetness and substance
    » Excellent behavior on human voices
    » Quality connectivity

  • HTA-25B amplifier - a great review in France!

    ...a modest power, but a lot of punch

    “…It will allow to build a small HiFi system more than affordable and especially with plenty of listening joy. For us it is essential.”

  • HTA-800 hybrid amplifier reviewed

    "We were impressed by the construction of the amplifier, the components used and many features it offered...
    ...plays with good dynamics, and does not get lost during playback of different music genres...
    ...one more time the producer proves that you do not have to spend huge amounts to be able to enjoy music at a really very good level."

  • TTP-300 phono amp in a fantastic review!

    "TTP-300 is an excellently built phono preamplifier for MM and MC cartridges.
    And perfectly sounding one! 
    It reaches high levels of plasticity of the sound, builds a credible scene, effectively escalates tension and emotions, provides warmth, musicality and substance, gives a friendly sound of instruments - and most importantly, there are no noticeable sound deficiencies despite a fairly budget price! One can write that its price is misleading, because the amp can be easily combined with much more expensive turntables."

  • Stereo set: Platinum F-100 SE v.2 speakers and Marantz electronics wins in the category:


    T3 magazine (India)

  • TTA-500 Tube Amplifier

    High quality and warmth by EL34 tubes - this is our new vacuum tube amplifier offered in a very reasonable price tag!

    Push-pull class A/B, 2x35W in the pentode mode, aluminum remote controller and a choice of 4 analog inputs.

    Enjoy the analog sound at its best!

  • Our affordable full size hybrid (tube-transistor) amplifier HTA-800 has finally been launched.

    Based on the technology of highly acclaimed HTA-1200 hybrid amp, the HTA-800 introduces a new standard in sound quality even beyond its price range.

    True 2x50W powered by 200W toroidal transformer, vaccum tubes in the preamplifier stage and Toshiba transistors in the output - it a great mix of analog, warm sound with powerful and dynamics.

  • Small boxes that make the difference!

    Change your digital music to a thrilling music experience thanks to our new 32bit/384kHz PCM, DSDx64/128/256 DA-300 v.3 USB-DAC

    Enjoy music from your favorite vinyl records!
    TTP-300 MM/MC PHONO AMPLIFIER is at your service!


  • Looking to build a perfect Home Cinema system?

    Looking for speakers with dynamic and real-life sound performance?

    Here you are!
    The newest TAV On-Wall series provides not only a great sound but also the best value on the market.

    Designed to work in front (left and right), center or surround channels in multi-channel theatre systems.

  • French “LEBEAUSON”  outstanding review of HTA-700B v.2 hybrid amplifier

    "It conveys the essence of music: its catchy ability to transcribe a symphony or the riffs of a metal band. We have fun, we sing, we are surprised to want to dance. This is a very good point of this handy set. Bravo."

  • ON TOP AUDIO 2018 award for THDA-500T headphone amplifier by French “ON MAG” 


    "What beautiful hours in perspective will be able to pass with this Taga Harmony THDA-500T. It is endearing in sound as it is aesthetical... At this price, it is almost unexpected."

  • BEST BUY and 5 stars for HTA-1200 hybrid amplifier!

    Power of the transistor, glare of the tube

    "...The making quality deserves the highest score, typical for the best constructions in a similar price range. The spatial sound, surrounding the listener with subtle warmth and sweetness of tubes, but also powerful and defined, especially in the bass and in the insightful revealing of the dynamic nature of almost any musical material"

  • HTA-25B amplifier tested by AudioMuzoFans


    Good sound for a low price

    "...is addressed to more demanding music lovers entering the world of audio, for someone who wants to start their adventure with a good sound.... A seasoned audiophile should also take a look at the small Taga, to spend a few minutes for listening and convince themselves that based on the amplifier for a small amount of money one can build a good sounding system.

  • "...the stage and stereophony in the new HTA-1200 are extraordinary. Perfection, greatness and gradation score five with a plus...
    I recommend TAGA Harmony HTA-1200, because it's an amplifier with a tube soul and a musical heart!

  • Two our bookshelf speakers:
    Diamond B-60
    & Platinum B-40 SE v.2
    listed as Best of HiFi Test 2018 by “HiFi Test”, a German reputable audio magazine!

  • Spanish “HIFI Live magazine” awarded our DIAMOND B-60 speakers:

    "there are not many bookshelf speakers below 6.000 euros -and I do not exaggerate here- to compete with them, if there are any at all...
    The Diamond B-60s are not only a recommended listening, but a mandatory one."


  • Check what's new!

    Home Entertainment catalogue in the newest version is available.

    Download it now!


  • "excellent rhythm of the audio reproduction...

    ...the TTA-1000 is one of the most dynamic amplifiers I have encountered so far…
    ...the location of each instrument could easily be indicated with a finger.

    Featuring the essence of the KT88 tubes, and besides its beautiful and rich timbre, it is able to enchant with accurate and dynamic sound and with an energetic and powerful bass."


  • Our hybrid amplifier HTA-1200 tested by AudioMuzoFans!

    "The timbre was neutral, the sound was moderately saturated with plenty of air around the instruments...
    The mid is remarkable readable, analytical and gently transits into the lowest registers...
    The amplifier showed a wide scene, far beyond the speaker line...
    made us feel like on a private concert of the two great musicians.

    HTA-1200 will be a big hit.


  • Our budget hybrid amplifier HTA-25B is a great choice for those who enter the real hi-fi world or want to upgrade their existing audio system.

    Here it is!
    Probably the least expensive way to make your music sound like music!


  • TA-600MULTI is a Custom Install amplifier equipped with 4 independent zones.

    You can play different music in each of 4 zones (from 3 inputs) with independent volume and sound control for each, and to broadcast voice messages to selected zones simultaneously.

    Multi-zone residential and commercial installations have never been easier!


  • Rave review of the Diamond B-60 by Danish HIFI4ALL.DK


    "...The Taga Diamond B-60 is a stunningly beautiful speaker that delivers sound which match its beautiful look...

    And I did not listen to single tracks from vinyl records during this test ... I listened the entire records to the end, and that does not happen every time when the equipment is under review!"


  • HTA-700B v.2 tested by the AUDIO magazine.

    "Even if TAGA didn't play as good as it does I would also like it. The tubes, digital audio, good measurement results, confirmed by comfortable sound, and all that for a ridiculous price."


  • TTA-1000 vacuum tube amplifier: a great review by "wstereo.pl"

    "...musical, warm, gentle with clear, fast and plenty of air… presents the mids in the most tangible and direct way…
    Their timbre is warm and saturated, the vocalists sound very palpable and present...

    The soundstage and its width are excellent, the sounds are heard far beyond the outline of the speakers...

    Taga Harmony has decided to take a brave step into a new territory for them. And they should not regret it. "


  • Ian Ringstead, a UK reviewer from "HiFi Pig" reviewed our Diamond B-60 speakers which have been granted the highest HIGHLY RECOMMENDED award.

    “Top to bottom is seamless with good bass down to a reasonable 36Hz. A great design which doesn’t try to get out of its comfort zone. TAGA do it again with maximum value for the money. The B60 will work with equipment at a much higher price level than some might partner them with. You can push the envelope with expensive kit but with a smaller budget they still deliver. In a £5000 system, they shine like a diamond.


    TTA-1000 vacuum tube amplifier: a rave review by AudioMuzoFans!

    "The timbre of instruments and vocals is given in a natural way, they are full, offered almost in an intimate way, make us feel as almost being integrated with an artist. Every pull of the contrabass string carried a deep, low-extended growl. The sparkling piano complimented the whole…

    TAGA TTA-1000 amplifier offers a mature, true, natural, saturated and dynamic sound. It performed very well in each of the musical genres..."


  • High-fidelity hybrid integrated amplifier 80W/8ohm utilizing a 12AX7 tube preamp section with a cathode type amp circuit and a 12AU7stage serving as a buffer amplifier, and four Toshiba transistors at the output.

    Splendid mixture of analog tube sound, power, precision, purity and multidimensional soundstage imaging!


  • High-end vacuum tube integrated amplifier 60W Pure Class A utilizing KT88 tubes in the output stage.

    Enjoy the analog sound at its best!


  • New Custom Install speakers available!

    TCW-300R SM [Stereo-Mono in-ceiling]
    TCW-180R [in-ceiling with Super Thin Bezel]
    TOS-215 [elegant 3" outdoor-indoor]

    TRS-5L [lamp-like garden speaker]


    We are proud to introduce new speaker cables (Platinum-18-8C and the Azure series) and our first high-class RCA audio cable (TRI-100 from the Azure series).

    Check more details and enjoy the best sound!


  • One more great review of our flagship bookshelf DIAMOND B-60 speakers!
    This time by “wstereo.pl”

    The Taga Harmony Diamond B-60 are splendidly built and sensationally looking mid-size monitors. They play a large, extensive and melodious sound with the scale that makes an impression. The sound is clear and transparent, very tangible and drawn on the first plan… You can simply greatly enjoy listening music with them.”


  • TAV-616F SE : a fantastic review and Highly Recommended award by "HiFi Pig"!


    "...Given the high specification of build and finish you’d expect a commensurately high asking price…Wow I was shocked!
    I haven’t seen such quality at this price and TAGA live up to their ethos of providing superb quality at real world prices.
    Well done...
    A credit then to the designers and quality of the speaker…"


  • Platinum F-100 SE v.2 : a great review and recommendation by AudioMuzoFans!


    "...The modeling of the musical image could be rather considered closer to the one that good monitors are building rather than this size of the loudspeakers. This is one of the greatest strengths of these speakers...
    ...it is natural and balanced throughout the range, so that we receive an accurate music message





    A rave review and the HIGHLIGHT award for the DIAMOND B-60 by the “HiFi Test”, a German reputable audio magazine.


    "...makes a powerful impression from the first beat of music. Our first thought: this is an absolutely complete loudspeaker, that has everything and with which the search for the dream loudspeaker can be confidently checked off..."


  • TAV-616F SE foorstanding speakers tested by "AUDIO".

    "...There are no other speakers that sound so directly, distinctly and aggressively not only in this group but in the further range as well...
    ...the emotions are exceptional."


  • TAV-808B bookshelf speakers has a large enclosure with a big internal volume utilizing
    6.5” mid-woofer with plenty of low extended bass backed up by tremendous dynamics,
    usually met in much bigger designs.

    TAV-808B sound performance can be described as very close in its characteristics and quality to professional stage monitors.

  • New cataloges

    In the newest TAGA Harmony catalogues you can find information about our new products!
    A foretaste we could watch at the High End in Munich.


    Check the catalogues in the DOWNLOAD CENTER!


    Stay tuned for upcoming hot new products!

  • More

  • One of the most respectable German magazines “LP” dealing with the analogue audio and vinyl culture published a great review of our hybrid amplifier HTA-2000B v.2


    "Attention, it's a modern devil's toy ...

    ...It sounds great in every room dimensions so you feel right at home with this sound image.

    a center for the analog-oriented people."


  • TA-250MIC v.2 is an efficient, cost-effective choice for home hi-fi systems and commercial installations in restaurants, pubs, shops, conferencing rooms, fitness clubs for both background music, voice playback or karaoke systems.


  • BEST BUY and 5 STARS!

    A great review, the BEST BUY award and 5 stars for the HTA-2000B v.2 hybrid amp by “Hi-Fi Choice”.


    Smoothness, sweetness and warmth


    "This amplifier has enchanted me with its openness in the midrange frequencies and with its sophisticated timbre to such an extent that in a blind test I could have been easily tricked that I was dealing with a few times more expensive amplification."



    A rave review and the PREISTIPP award for the PLATINUM B-40 SE v.2 by the “HiFi Test”, a German reputable audio magazine.


    "All in all, the performance of the small Taga is outstanding and the B-40 SE v.2 can boast of being the best speaker in the TOP CLASS (stereo loudspeaker, compact class) at the moment.

    Those who are looking for a pair of elegant speakers with high quality workmanship and the best sound, and do not want to spend a fortune, the Platinum B-40 SE v.2 from Taga is inevitably what they will end up with...”

  • HTR-1000CD "SHOCK" award


    HTR-1000CD hybrid CD-receiver awarded a "SHOCK" reward by "Classica" a prestigious French magazine.
    The award is granted for the best results of tests in different product categories.

  • HTR-1000CD   Azure S-40 v.2

    Our HTR-1000CD hybrid CD-receiver and and Azure S-40 v.2 bookshelf speakers in a very good review by French "ON-mag.fr"


    “The Taga HTR-1000CD CD-Receiver and the Azure S-40 v.2 speakers is a good, stylish, functional and powerful hi-fi mini-system with an attractive price.

  • I'm impressed by the small Azure S-40 v.2 ("Stereo i Kolorowo" portal)


    the sound they produce is surprisingly homogeneous - free and alive, but one hundred percent harmonious. The monitors disperse sound nuances and distribute its details in a charmingly scrupulous way, embedding them very convincingly in the space.
    There is a great dynamics and a palpable and massive sound. It is a fresh, rich and musical sound. Well composed...”


    We support Jordan Kulinski  – a boxer from the Landowski Boxing Team.

    My brother Jack and I have been practicing martial arts and boxing for a long time and we are applying the principles of honor and fair play no only in the ring but at work as well.

    As TAGA Harmony brand owners we feel obliged to support native athletes, especially in the discipline so close to our heart...
    says Przemek Kokocinski, a brand co-founder



    "HI-FI CHOICE" BEST BUY for our flagship bookshelf speaker!



    When we begin to listen to the Diamond B-60, an expression "natural sound” immediately comes to our mind...

    The B-60 belong to the speaker type which only slightly colorize the sound and therefore allow to listen to various genres of music without a clear interference in their nature…"



    Our new flagship bookshelf speaker from the top Diamond series.
    The speaker showcases the best technology and achievements of our designers and engineers.

    The result is visible at the first glance on the beautifully crafted cabinet with its curved, clear, elegant lines and luxurious design accentuated with high grade natural wood veneers finished with high-end clear gloss piano lacquer.


    Fantastic review and recommendation for TAGA Harmony Azure OW-80 LCRS and Platinum SW-10 v.2

    "...the listening impression is not only tonal saturation but simply pleasant and attractive. Not tiring for your ears. They do not go to any extremes – they are balanced, clean and punctual...exceptionally low distortions(!)..."

    our new audio engineer

    We have started a cooperation with Arek Ogrodnik who is a professional tester and reviewer of the audio equipment and designs and modifies the sound of loudspeakers.
    Our cooperation will provide even better sound experience for all music lovers!

    our brand Ambassador

    Hirek Wrona – an acclaimed Polish music journalist and publicist, DJ, a producer and director of artistic events and concerts has signed a contract with a Polish audio brand TAGA Harmony, becoming its ambassador. 

  • AZURE B-40 v.2 Astonishing..

    Rave review by "wstereo.pl"

    "...they play sensually, palpably, their sound is full of substance, it is rich.
    The sound is denial of dryness and fragility.
    Astonishing for such affordable speakers.
    The first impression is  Dynaudio or Chario, and they are surely valuable ancestors, aren't they?..
    If I had to use one word to specify Taga Harmony Azure B-40 v2 speaker, I would say "good." Or: "astonishment"....be sure to listen to them.


    As read in the review by "audiomuzofans":

    "The Special Edition  of the TAV-616F is a product that puts the TAGA product even higher in the hierarchy…
    One more time the speaker manufacturer shows us clearly that it wants to develop and improve its products, which is not just an empty slogan, what we have acknowledged personally... What can I say, they are well priced products, presenting a high level of build quality, and most importantly, they sound really good in their price range!  Recommended!



    A unique review from "audiomuzofans" with 3 independent opinions: one by the reviewer and two by private members of the Audiomuzofans Facebook group. 
    The members are users of two vintage integrated amplifiers, which were the high-end in the 80's and 90's (and still remain high on the list). 

    "…It is ideally suited for the instrumental and acoustical music as well as for well-arranged pop or rock. Everyone who appreciates the separation of instruments and speed and dynamics will be delighted with a purchase of this device…"

  • CORAL F-120 rave review


    "Taga Harmony Coral F-120 speaker sounds in a surprisingly even and at the same time engaging way. They have a "rounded", saturated midrange, an impressive and meaty bass, attractive looks and, in addition, they are perfectly crafted and besides do not cost a fortune…"
    as reviewed by MAGAZYN audiostereo 01-2017

  • DA-300 v.2 RECOMMENDED!


    “wstereo.pl” an on-line magazine published a very rave review and recommended TAGA Harmony digital-to-analog converter DA-300 v.2


    "Thanks to this small box we can really hear a lot, nothing slips away, sounds are clear, clean, lighted in the way that we can easily keep track of individual instruments, even in a fairly complicated mixes…It is great.

    I did not expect such a performance for the money…I was very surprised..."

  • HTR-1000CD + AZURE S-40 v.2


    “HiFi Test”, a German reputable audio magazine has placed our hi-fi system HTR-1000CD (hybrid CD-Receiver) and Azure S-40 v.2 (bookshelf speakers) among the
    BEST of HiFi Test 2017 audio products!


    "...this duo is a true winning team.."



    “Super AV” magazine, one of the most influential audio magazines in Asia, awarded a  prize to the flagship DIAMOND F-200 as a premiere in the Floorstanding Speaker category.
    Outstanding: Overall Performance 



    Meet the TCW-780!

    Our newest speaker provides clear, natural, dynamic sound and wide dispersion throughout a listening area.
    Thanks to slim bezels you are hard to see the speaker mounted in your wall or ceiling!

  • The new AZURE On-Wall series is here!
    It is dedicated for very demanding home-theatre enthusiasts, who look for the best sound performance and for those who appreciate simplicity and discretion.

    The series is fully based on technology of our award-winning Azure line of home speakers.

    Azure OW-80 LCRS : the first model in the series is designed to work in front (left and right), center or surround channels in multi-channel theatre systems.

    The speaker is ready for on-wall installations in both vertical and horizontal orientation or can be discreetly placed into custom-built cabinetry.

    Thanks to its slim design it is an ideal partner for modern curved TVs.

  • TAV-616F SE is based on the technology of TAV-616F and TAV-606 SE with significant upgrades to provide the best hi-fi sound in this price segment and often even much beyond.


    ill be hard to find a worthy competitor for the price"  (in a review of TAV-616F)


    Diamond F-200: a great review and recommendation by “Hi-Fi Choice” magazine.


    "The exceptional cultural sound with extra-large reserve in dynamics and low extended, punctual, contoured, fast bass.
    It perfectly distinguishes the sound nature of individual instruments and vocals. The big sound with the extensive stereo

  • PLATINUM B-40 SE v.2 tested

    Platinum B-40 SE v.2 : a rave review by AudioMuzoFans – an audio portal and a specialized audio group on Facebook.


    "They have their charm, they create a very nice aura and make that you can listen music for hours."


    Diamond F-200 flagship speakers and hybrid amplifier HTA-2000B v.2 were tested by “STEREO I KOLOROWO underground” at the Audio Video Show in Warsaw during an unusual music session.
    A Canadian cellist Mr. Vincent Bélanger was playing cello live, performing tracks from the album Bélanger & Bisson "Conversations" while TAGA Harmony high-end stereo system was reproducing Mrs. Anne Bisson vocals and other instruments from the album.


    ...There was an illusion of participating in a live concert... it was impossible to distinguish the real cello music from the background played by the speakers. This demonstrates very high values of the TAGA Harmony Diamond F-200 speakers, because the high-end is considered to be such a system, which plays genuinely "live"..."

  • HTA-700B v.2 Hybrid Awarded

    "… decently deep bass, pleasant high frequencies, interesting midrange and detail which allows to find what instruments were brought for a concert by a band.
    The combination of tubes and the transistor provides acoustic qualities typical for hybrids, subtlety, delicacy of the vacuum tube along with strong dynamics of the transistor....

    It hits the bullseye in its price level


  • Platinum F-100 SE v.2 : a rave review and award by the “Hifi Pig” magazine. 

    The review was carried by Mr. Stu Smith, a respectable and well-known in the audio industry HiFi Pig’s editor-in-chief.


    "…sit back with your favorite tipple, put on the music you love and let them take you with the flow.

    I really enjoyed my time with them.


    A fantastic review of the TAGA Harmony set: HTR-1000CD hybrid CD-Receiver, Azure S-40 v.2 bookshelf speakers and Blue-16 speaker cable – by the “HiFi Test”, a German reputable audio magazine.


    "...The TAGA combo plays at a remarkably high level, thanks to small-sized Azure S-40, which deliver an amazingly homogeneous sound, resolving sound details in a scrupulous way and shine with convincing spatiality. The TAGA combo is able to perform quite dynamically with the help of a powerful CD-receiver and loudspeakers which are quite strong too – the small combo brings real fun!"

    Well done, Taga!

    A rave review of the DIAMOND F-200 in Reference Class by the “HiFi Test”, a German reputable audio magazine.

    ...highly dynamic and with the extreme precision, it draws a detailed sound image around the room, scores highly with excellent room imaging in terms of the width and depth and always lets the volume control to move as far to the right as if touched by a magician hand – such greatly malleable and lifelike rendering puts a spell on the audience..."

  • New Catalogue 2017 v.1

    Check a new Home Entertainment catalogue!


    HTA-2000B v.2 : an extremely strong and dynamic hybrid integrated amplifier generating 150W pure power  at 8 ohm per channel.

    It is a mixture of two different techniques in one device, combining  the World of tubes and the World of transistors.
    This solution ensures a very warm, linear and lifelike sound with high dynamic presentation at the same time.

    The choice is yours! You can connect digital or analog sources utilizing one of many inputs including the 32bit/384kHz USB-DAC or MM/MC phono inputs. 

  • "it will be hard to find 
    a worthy competitor"

    TAV-616F floorstanders fantastic review!

    ...we get a product that can aspire to the higher price range in terms of workmanship and sound quality.
    By utilizing its proprietary components for building up the tested TAV-616F speakers, Taga Harmony can offer an affordable product, which not only looks nice and greatly fits in two and multichannel systems, but also offers the energetic sound which no doubt will strike a chord with a wide bunch of music lovers without destroying the household budget.

  • Feel like an F-16 fighter pilot!
    Turn ON! Unleash pure POWER! 

    PF-1000 power filter rave review!

    For us it is fantastic!

    ...the most noticeable changes have taken place on the edges of the frequency bands.
    The highs have become purer in comparison to what we hear when having connected our equipment into a standard wall outlet.
    The result is a clearer stereo image, which in the final intensifies a three-dimensional feeling while listening to our favorite music, gaining on naturalness..."


    "…The speakers of this brand do not only characterize with cherished construction, high quality components used for building them, but most of all the healthy and genuine sound far beyond their price levels.
    As if financial constraints in the case of Taga Harmony would not apply. 


    ...excellently designed and well-built with outstanding (own production) components.
    They offer solid, well-engineered sound with the beautiful stretch, pretty good dynamics and, importantly, the extensive space. This advanced design - although  budget, is extremely well though. In its class, complete revelation.”

  • Mono&Stereo BEST BUY!

    The HTA-700B SE v.2 and Platinum B-40 stereo system receives the BEST BUY award from "monoandstereo.com" - one of the best European high-end audio magazines!


    "...Taga Harmony affordable match encapsulated the spirit and locked to the music with much more impact that one would dare to expect at this pricing.

    There was enough depth, sense of space and following of the tempi to let music take its own course!...

    Taga Harmony amplifier and speakers acted more on the artful side, with touch of warm and with playful vibe intrinsic to the music...
    ...brings heck a lot of fun and music at down to earth pricing. Well done and well deserved Best Buy Award..."

  • New Custom Install amps!

    New amplifiers TA-400MIC and TA-25Mini are an efficient, cost-effective choice for home hi-fi systems and commercial installations in restaurants, pubs, shops, conferencing rooms, fitness clubs for both background music, voice playback or karaoke systems.

  • HTR-1000CD Recommended

    "…a listener receives sound lively and crisp, powerful in its dimension, cultural in perception, put together in the space. The sound is slightly sweet (thanks to the vacuum tubes in the preamplifier stage)... as the whole the sound is linear and juicy and is characterized by both high dynamics and energy. The trebles are smooth and silky, pleasantly sweetened, the mids are surprisingly dense and varied (as for the Taga Harmony price level), while the low frequencies are nicely extended and strong…


    …The whole sound is revealed as effective, melodic and substantial, but you do not feel exaggeration or cheapness in it…" 

  • AZURE v.2 set Test Winner

    The Azure v.2 5.0 home theatre system wins a comparison test conducted by the best Swedish audio magazine "HemmaBio"!

    TAGA Harmony Azure v.2: F-100 | C-40 | S-40

    …For those who want a more realistic presentation of audio tracks, we recommend Taga Harmony..."

  • Platinum B-40 SE v.2

    The Platinum B-40 SE v.2 showcases all the qualities of dedication and love of music, groundbreaking developments in speaker design and technology which have inspired TAGA's designers and engineers.

    Hand-made rounded MDF enclosures wrapped in beautiful African wood veneers or painted in real Piano lacquer will shine in your room like stars on the red carpet.

  • New Custom Install Models

    Out/In-door speakers for the best installations:
    TOS Platinum-100 SE Reference sound
    TOS Platinum-60 High-End sound

    New speakers - more flexible installations:
    RB-850 v.2 13 degrees oriented in-ceiling
    TCW-880R SM 8” Stereo/Mono in-ceiling
    TCW-380R affordable 8” in-ceiling
    TCW-100R v.3 ultra-affordable 5.25” in-ceiling
    TCP-1000 10” in-wall subwoofer


    Superior sound performance - designed to be used both in music and home theatre systems in any area of your home or commercial applications.

  • AZURE B-40 v.2 Unveiled

    The last missing link in the all-new Azure v.2 series has finally been unveiled.

    Azure B-40 v.2 are premium class bookshelf speakers with almost perfect sound characteristics - detailed and rich high and mid frequencies, striking and low bass, all wrapped in beautiful, eye-catching enclosures.

    Ideal for rooms up to 25 sqm and easy to be driven by virtually any amplifier.


  • Custom Install PRO Line

    Although CI Pro line speakers look marvelous we did everything in our power to make them invisible as it is the music that matters the most!

    We implemented technology and drivers from our Home Entertainment category in all the products in the new Custom Install Pro line.

    Now the sound in installation products can be compared to TAGA Harmony regular home speakers. It is clean, natural and dynamic what is hard to be find in any other CI speakers.


    A choice of different models in three series will allow to fit the right speaker for your installation and budget.

  • TAV-616FCS

    Great sound and Friendly price!

    Enhanced dynamic range and sound stage imaging to meet demand of premium multi-channel and stereo systems.

    All you can get with 3 new models in the Audio-Video series:

    TAV-616F floorstanding speakers

    TAV-616C center speaker

    TAV-616S surround speakers

  • Get your FREE gadget!

    TAGA Harmony at your home

    Share your Experiences!

    Send us a picture with your TAGA Harmony system and get a chance for a free TAGA Harmony gadget.

    All approved pictures will be published on Facebook and TAGA Harmony website.


    Share your experiences with others!
    Click to learn more now!


  • NEW HE catalogue 2016v.2


    The newest edition of our Home Entertainment catalogue has been released.
    You can find a couple of new items in it which will be available in a few months.
    You are welcome to download it!

  • NEW CI catalogue 2016 v.2


    The newest edition of our Custom Install catalogue has been released.
    You can find a couple of new items in it which will be available in a few months.
    You are welcome to download it!

  • HTA-700B + Platinum B-40


    HTA-700B SE v.2 & Platinum B-40 system reviewed by Mr. Matej Isak, a well-known editor-in-chief in one of the finest audiophile on-line magazines monoandstereo.com

    Read the first part of the review...we look forward to the next part.


    This particular Taga Harmony system comes with warm, powerful and involving sound reproduction, that is able to bring enjoying sonics in a really affordable package. It was great to hear what it's possible nowadays at this price point and how company that is willing to invest a bit more dedication and carefully selected parts in the service of better sound can bring products with more than promising sound. “

  • HTR-1000CD gains 4 stars


    HTR-1000CD an affordable "all-in-one" system was very positively reviewed by an audiophile magazine "Hi-Fi Choice" (PL)


    An efficient amp and two low-power double triodes in the preamp stage, provide a tube-like feeling. The dynamics and bass on a quite decent level with a good control... Easy to use and functional. The combination of end transistors with a tube preamp gave an interesting sonic effect.

  • AZURE F-100 v.2



    "… Everything at a glance, without beating around the bush, with verve and frequent squeal of tires...

    Dynamic and contoured bass, hearty and saturated mids, but the most remarkable are shiny and sparkling high tones. Powerful, expressive, activating."

  • AZURE F-100 v.2 Awarded


    "Large sized enclosures incorporating a three-way system based on two woofers is processing the bass audio band in such a way that we have no questions - there is power, it is going down to the lowest octaves and it is almost perfectly, for this price segment, controlled. Definitely worth checking out!

    Lively, dynamic and rich sound. Balanced and subtle in the high frequency range. Low-extended, fast and powerful bass. Large surround sound, with a touch of finesse which is typical for polypropylene cones."

  • HTA-700B + Platinum B-40


    "The word to best describe the sound was “balanced” in that treble and bass were in equilibrium, midband was clean and clear, so it was no effort at all just to sit back and enjoy what I was hearing while the system was warming up… 


    The TAGA Harmony HTA – 700B V2 amplifier is a great little amplifier in its own right.  It has enough features to make it flexible with regards to connections, it sounds extremely good too, more powerful than the specifications suggest... This little amplifier has a lot going for it…


    The Platinum B-40 speakers belie their modest cost and are very able performers…

    Well worth seeking out for audition."

  • HTR-1000CD All-in-One

    HTR-1000CD is a midi sized high-fidelity hybrid DAB+/FM stereo receiver with a CD player.


    All-in-one stereo system with no compromises in sound performance.

    Hybrid design utilizing 12AX7B tubes ensures a very warm, linear and lifelike sound with high dynamic presentation at the same time.


    2x 75W power to properly drive different types of speakers. Now your music will play louder, more clearly and with higher dynamics!

  • Diamond F-200 Flagship


    Our flagship floorstanders have been released!

    They incorporate all the knowledge and experience in research, development and manufacturing of loudspeakers of TAGA Harmony designers and engineers.

    When you turn on the speakers you are immediately stunned by the exceptional sound - super natural, super dynamic, super clear and engaging... just super! 

    Taste it, Immerse in it, Love it!

  • Azure v.2 totally new!


    The totally new AZURE v.2 series is dedicated for very demanding hi-fi and home-theatre enthusiasts, who look for the best sound performance as well as love to enjoy sound without missing any single tune of melody!

    New high-performance mid and woofer drivers incorporating TDSC Taga Dynamic Surround Control technology, which provides stable cone movement, dynamics and precision and increased system sensitivity.

    New decorative pure aluminum trim rings and tweeter faceplate to enhance sound dispersion.

    The result - awesome sound!

  • Platinum-18 Great Review


    "...TAGA Harmony Platinum-18 likes complicated, multi-thread material, which contains the whole range of frequencies. It is then when the cable shows its capabilities.  Even throughout the most dynamic and demanding parts of recordings it is not a bottleneck for the sound system. It is the other way around!...

    On one hand the low frequencies were firmly kept in their place, not disrupting the remaining message, on the other hand they were dispersed throughout the whole scene, had a huge depth, which I had never heard in this song before.."

    Sound Quality  9/10

  • THDA-500T Rave Review! 


    "The headphone amplifier operates in the class A. It provides clean, rich and massive sound. The sound is flat and harmonious, very well arranged in the space. Taga Harmony has a good ability to emphasize sound contours, completing their interiors and ballasting them tonally. This results in a strong and energetic message, but at the same time direct and tangible. Leading in the direction of elegance and culture.  Excellent smoothness  and sophistication…


    The sound is splendidly arranged, neat and clean - neutral but aimed towards physiological warmth and energy, what brings a high level of engagement  and genuine listening pleasure. Revelation."

  • HTA-700B SE v.2 BRAVO! 


    Yet another rave review of the HTA-700B SE v.2 hybrid amp!

    "In the easiest way its sound can be described as coherent, full and saturate...

    The tonal expression is so high that even more powerful music genres like rock or electronic music  sound directly and convincingly (of course to the reasonable limit of volume level) - fluently and melodiously. Concisely and reliably...

    The low frequencies compared to the small size of the HTA-700B Se v.2 are surprisingly well extended and meaty..."

  • HTA-700B SE v.2 awarded 


    HTA-700B SE in the newest v2 edition one more time confirms its superior quality.


    The "Hi-Fi Choice & Home Cinema" magazine has awarded "Best Buy" and 5 stars in its December 2015 review of HTA-700B SE v.2.

  • Super AV Award! 


    Our 7.2 multi-channel system based on the Platinum SE speakers: F-100 SE v.2, C-40 PR SE, S-40 SE, Platinum TCI-100R SE (in-ceiling)
    and two Platinum SW-10 v.2 active subwoofers
    has been awarded a prize:


    Outstanding Overall Performance


    in the Multi-Channel Speaker’s Series category.

    The award was granted by “Super AV” magazine at Guangzhou AV Fair 2015.

  • New HTA-700B & SE v.2 


    Our award-winning and best-selling mid-size hybrid amps renewed!
    - Increased power to 45W / 4 Ohm.

    - Redesigned and enlarged power supply. 

    - New audiophile grade volume potentiometer.

    - Extended frequency response up to 28kHz.

    - New, more appealing design.

    Now your music will play louder, more clearly and with higher dynamics!



    TAGA Harmony high-performance USB cables are capable of minimizing transmission errors and frequency-related phase shift, what dramatically improves the sound which is more clear, natural, tight and powerful.

    The TUD cables are built of 22 AWG and 24 AWG 99.99% oxygen free copper conductors and ended with gold-plated connectors to provide the best signal transfer


    The TUD-20 is an ideal partner for electronics with a built-in USB DAC! 



    Our new hybrid vacuum tube/solid state headphone amplifiers utilize discrete MOSFET outputs and 12AX7 vacuum tubes.

    Fully discrete circuits with audiophile-grade Wima coupling and Rubycon power supply capacitors deliver the best music quality directly to your ears!



    In-wall/in-ceiling speakers utilizing a honeycomb structure of front panels:

    TCW-880 TCW-680 TCW-280R and TLCR-580
    New super flat on-wall speaker TOW-180F

  • New Speaker Cables


    PLATINUM-18 our highly acclaimed terminated cable is now available in sales per meters.

    BLUE-16 99.997% OFC with Banana Plugs.

    TAVC-14G 14AWG CCA now in a gray jacket.

    TCL-416W 16AWG 4-conductor CM/CL-2 Rated,  UL Approved for in-wall installations.


    Our speaker cables are the easiest and most efficient step to improve sound of your system in every single aspect and right away!

  • Deserve a HIGH SCORE

    "Stereo i Kolorowo underground" tested our terminated Platinum-18 speaker cable.

    "The ratio of  workmanship to sound quality is very good, and tested cables deserve a high score and applause for their reasonably calculated price."

  • HTA-2000B in TOP CLASS


    The HTA-2000B Hybrid Amplifier  rated as

    "GUT - SEHR GUT" in the "TOP CLASS"

    by the respected German "HiFi Test" magazine!

  • TAGA Harmony awarded

    HemmaBio 7/2015 – a Swedish biggest Home-Theatre magazine awarded our 5.1 set

    (TAV-606 SE 5.0  and TSW-120 subwoofer) with "Prisvärd" (Affordable - Worth its price).

    It is a very rave review given that all tested competitors are much more expensive.

  • HTA-2000B Recommended

    "Even the most high resolution recordings are shown in very detailed way and phenomenally, there is no feeling of tightening or excessive density. The sound is clean, light and charming, and it is a big advantage - you can write that this is the real high-fidelity sound."

  • TCP-500R in-ceiling Sub

    Nowadays the expectation from modern in-wall and in-ceiling subwoofers is not only the great sound but less visibility at the same time.
    With the new TCP-500R you can have both!

  • Rave Review from Sweden

    HemmaBio 4/2015 – a Swedish biggest Home-Theatre magazine tested our 5.1 set (Platinum F-90SL, C-90SL, S-90SL, SW-10 v.2) and was impressed by our amazing sound performance!


    “…Fast transients and a huge sense of presence make these speakers never stop entertaining the listener… An aggressive newcomer in the top budget class that can give competitors an eye-opener.

  • HTA-2000B Hybrid Amp

    HTA-2000B is a high-end hybrid 2x100W/8Ohm integrated amplifier utilizing a 12AX7 tube preamp section with a cathode type amp circuit and a12AU7 SRPP stage as a buffer amplifier. 

    If you are looking for a powerful amplifier with the smooth natural sound that only a tube amp can provide, the HTA-2000B is probably the best choice on the market.

  • New Catalogs April-2015

    Our two new catalogs are ready for download: Home Entertainment / Multimedia / Electronics

    Custom Installations. 

  • Platinum - RAVE REVIEW

    We are thrilled to be the recipients of yet another superb review for TAGA Harmony.

    The Platinum F-120, C-100, S-40 and SW-10 v.2 have been tested by Prime AV - the best audiophile magazine in Taiwan.
    "...The real audition result confirms that the Platinum F-120 indeed has the power to be ranked No 1...It could be heard that the Platinum v.2 series is very musical..."

  • TSW-90 v.3 in WHITE

    The TSW-90 active subwoofer is now available in a beautiful and appealing WHITE color finish! It is a perfect companion for our TAV white speakers as well as a modern and elegant piece of furniture in your room!

  • HTA-25 in Silver-White

    Our affordable hybrid amplifier is now available in the new eye-catching finish:aluminum silver and high gloss white.

  • TAV-606 SE now in WHITE

    The Special Edition of  our TAV-606 5.0 set, one of the best bargains both for hi-fi stereo and home theatre, is now available in a beautiful and appealing WHITE color finish!

  • Platinum F-100 SE v.2 reviewed

    Hard to beat by the competition.

    "...when Taga Harmony is connected to an amplifier and music is on, you  immediately know that you are dealing with a very advanced design - a thoughtful and refined - tonally completed. It just can be heard. You feel the beautiful harmony, high energy and dynamic, complement of the sound - you feel its huge mass and large potential of the bass, which is perfectly controlled and diversified."

  • inTONE 2.1 mini

    The smaller brother of our highly acclaimed inTONE 2.1 speaker system is here!

  • TCW-900 in-wall speaker

    The newest addition to the TCW series.


    The sound is clear, natural, dynamic and provides wide dispersion throughout a listening area, and thanks to slim bezels you are hard to see speakers mounted in your wall or ceiling!

  • HTA-25 reviewed by AUDIO

    Our ultra-affordable hybrid amplifier HTA-25 was reviewed in a February edition of the

    AUDIO magazine.

    "In total, the sound has a lot of energy and "swing" and it is far away from dullness, boredom and sadness, each album sounded in a new, special way."

  • TCL in-wall speaker cables

    The TCL in-wall speaker cables are designed for use in demanding installations both for hi-fi, home theatre and background music applications. Multi-stranded ultra-high purity 99.99% Oxygen Free Copper wiring offers very transparent and natural sound.

  • HTA-700B(15) DA-300 v.2

    New versions of our award-winning amplifier HTA-700B and digital-to-analog converter DA-300 unveiled!

    Now supporting 24bit / 192kHz resolution to offer even better audio playback via USB. 


    One of the most recognized audio-video magazines in Germany "Heimkino" awards two of TAGA Harmony products as

    "The 100 best products of the year"  Congratulations to the floorstanding speakers Platinum F-60 SL

    and our hybrid Bluetooth®, USB-DAC amplifier HTA-700B


  • HTA-700B Special Edition

    We are proudly introducing the award-winning 

    HTA-700B in Special Edition version

    NEW 24bit / 192kHz USB-DAC

    NEW Gold-plated RCAs

    NEW 12AX7 vacuum tubes


    The TAV-606 SE 5.0 set receives

    "Preistipp" award and "Excellent" score in the Entry Class in the recognized

    German "Heimkino" magazine!

    Price / Performance Outstanding



    Our new smart active desktop speakers

    iMPACT 2.0 deliver the high-end sound with striking clarity and spaciousness as well as dynamic low bass at any volume.

    Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth®.


    One of our top selling 5.0 sets the TAV-606 v.3 unveiled in a beautiful WHITE finish!




    BEST RECOMMENDED by Prime AV (Taiwan)


    The whole 5.1ch system based on CORAL speakers (F-120, C-40, S-40) and CORAL SW-10 active subwoofer was awarded with "Best Recommended" and 5 stars!

  • PLATINUM F-100 SE v.2


    The second edition of our award-winning and highly acclaimed Platinum F-100 SE provides even better sound performance offering unbeatable value to performance ratio much beyond its price level!


    We have once again raised the bar!


    Now you will love the F-100 SE v.2 even more..

  • 2015 CATALOG


    You are welcome to download our new

    Home Entertainment catalog!

  • Custom Installations Hot News!


    New Series: CI Active Speakers TOS-A400IR

    TOS Flagship: new version TOS-715 v.2

    Garden Speakers: 3 new TRS models



    We have introduced new lines of cables and extended some of the current series.

    New: High class 99.99% OFC speaker cables terminated with banana plugs

    New: High class 99.99% OFC Subwoofer Y Cables


    TAVC-10 new speaker cable in the TAVC series


    RECOMMENDATION by Hi-FI Choice (PL edition)

    "The sound reproduced by the drivers’ quartet of each of the speakers at once attracts our attention. They surprise with dynamics and energy from the first moments of listening…

    They are simply bursting with energy, and their message is vibrant and colorful."

  • HTA-700B another great review!

    "hifitest.de" reviewed the HTA-700B with Peachtree Audio D5 speakers.

    "They work along very well: The combination of the TAGA HTA-700B and the beautiful Peachtree Audio D5 sounds clearly and longs for more music..."

  • 3 new budget audio amplifiers in our offer!
    Incredible sound and features without burning a hole in your pocket!

  • CORAL F-120


    Reviewed by "Stereo i Kolorowo. Underground".


    " For their reasonable price the speakers offer perfect construction of cabinets, high quality, advanced components as well as highly esthetic design, including a beautiful "high gloss" piano lacquer. But the most important is that the speakers provide full and suggestive sound highly saturated with emotions and energy.

    The CORAL F-120 sound performance is very natural and uniform, proportional and tonally rich – simply outstandingly musical…


  • Platinum ONE

    Splendid monitors, I recommend

    Rviewed by "Stereo i Kolorowo. Underground".


    "Although the Platinum ONE speakers have small dimensions, they can play with the big, even expansive sound with a "claw" - fast, energetic and open.There is certainly no lack of dynamism and spontaneity in these speakers, each recording is presented in such a way like they would like to show themselves as being bigger than they actually are - they shoot with sound like howitzers firing missiles...It is the mastery that speakers can have such melodic and uncolored medium tones."

  • Another Great Review!

    AUDIO (PL edition) reviewed the HTA-700B.

    "Gentle, warm, suggestive sound...the sounds do not blend together, and the image tends to be three-dimensional..."

  • SEHR GUT for the HTA-700B!

    Another great score for the HTA-700B hybrid amplifier.

    The German "Tablet PC" granted it "SEHR GUT" in the "HIGH CLASS".


  • Our designers and engineers paid special attention to this project – the difficult goal was to design this small Beauty giving it very powerful and jaw-dropping sound performance. We are proud presenting... 

  • HTA-700B and PLATINUM F-60SL


    The HTA-700B and the Platinum F-60 SL 

    score respectively "SEHR GUT" and "PREISTIPP & OUTSTANDING" in the "HIGH CLASS" in the respected German "HiFi Test"!

  • DA-300 BEST BUY!

    The DA-300 awarded with BEST BUY by Hi-FI Choice (PL edition).

    "...the device beyond the purely technical aspects of good sound, such as speed of response to changing rhythm, offers a bit of finesse, so the sound is smooth to listen to. This in turn makes many music genres, especially jazz and classical music, sound without excessive nervousness..."

  • The flagship CORAL series speaker

    The Coral F-120 is a splendid 3.5-way floorstanding speaker with one of the woofers located on the bottom rear of its cabinet.

  • HTA-700B BEST BUY!


    The HTA-700B awarded with BEST BUY by Hi-FI Choice (PL edition).


    "The low-gain double triodes working in the preamp stage together with the transistor end stage are a harmonious duet and complement the sound with many elements typical for vacuum tube amps...the delicate warmth, musicality and a note of finesse note combined with remarkable precision in leading rhythm..."

  •  New additions to the RB and TOS Custom Installations series




    The entry-level in-ceiling speaker RB-550SG

    is added to the RB series, with a low-profile bezel and a magnet mountable square grill.


    Our extremely popular Outdoor-Indoor speakers series was expanded with a new base model TOS-315. The slick and compact design makes it a perfect   decoration in your indoor or outdoor locations.

  • The review of the HTA-700B in the Polish STEREO I KOLOROWO - UNDERGROUND.

    ...it can be seen at once that the amplifier has a very pleasant timbre - you can feel the smooth and warm tube atmosphere supported by a strong bass cushion coming from the power transistors...

    ..the choice of Taga Harmony HTA-700B seems to be a reasonable and completely legitimate. Taga Harmony offers plenty of features, and also provides a very musically pleasant colorful sound and nice appearance and pretty good energy. Besides, it is very attractively priced…



    The sound quality is consistently tidy, self-confident with the clear treble

    and deep bass.


    The inTONE 2.1 scores "SEHR GUT" 

    in the "HIGH CLASS" category in the respected German AV-MAGAZIN.DE

  • New Catalog


  • HTA-700B 2x33W hybrid USB-DAC amplifier Bluetooth® 4.0 ,  headphone and preamplifier outputs.

    Available in Black and Silver colors.


  • TAV-606F SE floorstanding speakers awarded with BEST BUY and 5 STARS

    by "Hi-Fi Choice" (PL Edition)


  •  HTA-500B Hybrid 2014 version now equipped with Bluetooth® 4.0 : available in 2 colors BLACK & SILVER


  • The new addition to the Platinum SLIM series - the F-60SL is the smallest floorstander in the series intercorporating the new 4" TPACD Taga Pure Aluminum cone Driver.

  • The powerful piece of art to deliver best music directly from your digital source!

    DA-300 Digital-Analog Converter

    It can be easily added to any audio system, a computer (through the USB) or a video game console and change your digital music to a thrilling music experience!

  •  Platinum F-90SL, C-90SL, S-90SL, SW-10

    PLATINUM SLIM set & SW-10 sub received

    the 5 STARS note in the HIGH CLASS category

    by German "hifitest.de".

  • Plenty of Joy to keep you inMOVE!  

    The new Home Theatre pack:

    inMOVE 5.0 (5.0 set) and inMOVE 8 subwoofer.

    Dedicated to fans of high-end sound who wish their system physically “disappear” in a room.

  • Left/Center/Right On-Wall Speaker




    Platinum LCR-60 SL

    The LCR-60SL offers the high-end sound and provides the most versatility in a home theater setup, since it can serve as a left, center, or right channel speaker. 

  •  Punctually and extensively


    High Fidelity multimedia active speakers  reviewed by "Hi-Fi Choice & Home Cinema"

  • Save your Space - Enjoy Sound! 




    The compact dimensions allow easy placement in any rooms and 6 color options guarantee matching with your room decoration.

    The 90W RMS / 250W Dynamic Peak amplifier delivers powerful bass!


     Attractive, affordable music system both in terms of appearance and sound!

    inTONE 2.1 High Fidelity multimedia audio set  awarded with 5 stars in a Value/Price category

    by "Hi-Fi Choice & Home Cinema" (PL edition)



     Platinum F-90SL, C-90SL, S-90SL, SW-10

    PLATINUM SLIM set & SW-10 sub received

    the OUTSTANDING note in the HIGH CLASS 

    by German "HEIMKINO" magazine.

  • PLATINUM SW-10 v.2

    The new version of the Platinum subwoofer.

    Upgraded Amp 550W Dynamics Peak THCA

    The new acoustical labyrinth type cabinet

    The totally new driver THAW, TSAC

  • F-100SE awarded!


    by German "HiFi Test" magazine.


    S-90SL scores "SEHR GUT" & "PREISTIPP"

    in the respected German AV-MAGAZIN.DE

  •  HTA-500B Hybrid Amp with Bluetooth® 

    scores "SEHR GUT"

    in the respected German AV-MAGAZIN.DE


     TAV-606 SE - Special Edition

    TAV-606 v.3 considered to be one of the best bargains both for hi-fi and home theatre now is introduced in the SE version to appeal towards even more advanced audio enthusiasts.



    PLATINUM F-90SL awarded with the "BEST BUY" by HI-FI CHOICE magazine!




    Based on our experience from speaker and active subwoofer industry TAGA Harmony decided to launch electronics series to complement its offer in the field.




    We have introduced the upgraded version of the selected Platinum v.2 F-100 finishes.


    Now the excellent sound of the Platinum series is even closer to perfection!





    The review published in June-2013 reconfirms the high position of  the Platinum series in terms of perfect sound and built quality.

  • More

    CORAL F-80 AWARDED 05-2013!


    Click to read quotes from the review



    A dynamic potential, depth of bass, precision and neutrality B-40 possess,are worthy of more expensive constructions.


  • CORAL Series



    Colors explode across coral reefs, what inspired our designers and engineers to create CORAL speaker series.


    Like reefs our speakers explode with thousands of tones, and take you for an enjoyable and luxury journey to a land of audiophile music.






    …sound was lightning-fast with a low, powerful, extended bass and spaciousness being created on a grand scale ..

    F-100 SE are speakers that provide a neutral and accurate performance of a high caliber.


  • TSW-200 Active Subwoofer

    Stunning and Powerful!


    A single 12” driver, bassreflex subwoofer with a high-current 200W RMS / 600W Dynamic Peak built-in amplifier.

    It delivers the most powerful, deep bass with staggering definition, location and dynamics never met at this price level before.


    TAV-306 v.2


    In the v.2 version the front speakers have grown by extra 5cm in height and almost 2cm in depth as well as woofers utilize stronger and heavier magnets what is reflected in a lower bass extension, higher dynamics and efficiency.


  • PLATINUM F-120

    Extra Low Extended Bass and Platinum Renowned Sound!


    The flagship 2013 year model of Platinum v.2 series surprises with its superior, high-end sound performance and elegant, eye-catching appearance.


    Thanks to an extra 8cm of height (comparing to Platinum F-100) and an additional new 6.5” passive radiator, we have managed to extend low range of bass down to remarkable 28Hz!!

  • More
  • More
  • PLATINUM v.2



    Models: Platinum F-60, C-40PR, S-40, SW-10

  • TAGA has always dared to break barriers,so we have decided to keep prices of TAV-906 speakers at a very competitive level, not met  in this category.


    The first detail, which distinguishes TAV-906 is the high quality TRT TAGA Ribbon Tweeter

  • RB-850

    High Performance

    Reduced Bezel Speaker




    The new edition to RB in-ceiling series.

    High performance TPTTD Taga Pure Titanium Tweeter Dome and KEVLAR cone bass driver. The high-end sound from your walls and ceiling!

  • BLUE Series

    with its modern round tailored and slim MDF cabinets looks noble and impressive.


    Using the side bass driver reflected in slimmer design and allowed to use bigger 10" woofer to deliver more powerful and dynamic low bass.






    We have introduced a few new great products:


    AZURE speakers Series

    A favorite of audiophiles on a budget


    Powerful TAV-806 speakers

    Great for rock & roll during summer parties!


    TAV-506 v.2 speakers

    Affordable but still with superb performance!


    Lost link in TAGA offer – Speaker Cables

    Now you will not miss a single note of melody!


    Group Test

    Platinum B-40


    "..visible  advantage over competitors.." 



    Dynamic, coherent, distinct, with strong first plan. The scale of sound that is considerably higher than competitors'.


    from "AUDIO" Magazine (PL edition)

    Tested models: 

    JBL Studio 130, Mission Mx1, Q-Acoustic 2020i, Roth Audio OLI 20, TAGA Platnium B-40 v.2, Wharfedale Diamond 10.1





    TAV-606F v.3 Floorstanding


    Now available




    Front floorstanding speaker from our best selling 5.0 set TAV-606 v.3 is now available as separately sold product.

    Enjoy best stereo sound without spending fortune on speakers!

  • RB - Reduced Bezel

    in-ceiling/in-wall speakers


    TVR-10IR IR volume controller


    New RB (Reduced Bezel) series of in-ceiling speakers have low-profile bezels to allow speakers almost disappear in a room.


    New TVR-10IR Voice level regulator with built-in IR Receiver provides total access to the audio control system.

  • TSW Active Subwoofers  

    TSW-90 v.2    TSW-120  

    New Active Subwoofers



    High-power and high-current amplifiers deliver astonishingly deep, thundering bass with very low distortion and perfect definition.



    BIG WOW! 
    Our engineers and designers show a whole new level of mastership!


    F100 floorstanding model has won prestigious BEST BUY award

    from "Hi-Fi Choice Magazine" (PL edition)

  • Stereo Magazine








    Platinum F-80 could undoubtedly be recommended to everyone. 


    F-80 are very enjoyable, non-intrusive speakers with a versatile sound performance, they do not favor any type of music. 


    They can play small jazz compositions with the same passion, power and clarity as mighty organ music and in a few moments they can take us to a stadium during live rock concert. 


    TAV-606 v.3  
    The Bargain of the Century!


    The third edition of TAV-606, one of our top selling speakers is now introduced in highly redesigned version.


    TAV-406 v.2 
    The New Edition of

    Best Seller!


    The new version is completely redesigned model with significantly upgraded sound performance, new drivers and stylish, eye-catching design of MDF cabinets.


    Small Power Plant!


    Slim, elegant and plain cabinets can perfectly fit hi-fi and home theatre systems in audition rooms up to around 25 square meters. TAV-306 can boast of the performance of much larger competitors.


    Perfect Sound

    Simple Installation


    3 new models have joined Custom Installations line of products. Weather resistant Stereo/Mono indoor-outdoor speaker, 100V ball speaker and 4-zone, dual-source speaker selector with independent volume control for each zone.

  • Platinum Series State Of The Art  

    Platinum Series 
    State Of The Art


    PLATINUM Series is entering into the new areas of sound quality and modern, high-end design. This series was designed and adjusted by our chief of engineers Mr.Lin – famous Taiwan engineer, who has co-designed high-end speaker systems for hundreds of thousands of US dollars!

  • CARMINE – New model in Audio-Video Series  

    CARMINE – New model
    in Audio-Video Series


    New CARMINE 5.0 system has just been introduced in our best-buy Audio-Video Series. Although its price is positioned at the very affordable level, the sound performance highly exceed competition in this price range and can be described as amazingly open, detailed, fast and dynamic, with powerful, greatly defined bass base.


    TOS Outdoor Series
    New Models


    Three new models have joined our best-selling TAGA Outdoor Series (TOS) – TOS-415, TOS-615 and TOS-715. All speakers have weather, water and UV-resistant enclosures.  They can be used in outdoor and indoor applications, and are equipped with wall-ceiling brackets allowing flexible and easy installation.



    Speaker Stands
    TSS Series

    New Speaker Stands Series (TSS) is great choice for bookshelf or surrounds speakers. They are elegant, solid and very stable. Their task is to isolate speaker from the floor and raise tweeter up to the level of listener ears.  There are three models, which differ with height.






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